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Pastor’s Corner February 2019

The Future of the Church

Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, General Secretary Emeritus of the Reformed Church in America, has written a thoughtful book called Future Faith. In it, he explores ten ways our United States congregations are challenged to change at this watershed moment in Christian history. These challenges are invitations to look at American churches and to be inspired with hope and insight as to what we can do to serve God in the present reality.

Granberg-Michaelson describes the challenges in ten chapters: 1) Revitalizing Withering Congregations, 2) Embracing the Color of the Future, 3) Seeing Through Non-Western Eyes, 4) Perceiving the World as Sacred, 5) Affirming Spirit-Filled Communities, 6) Rejecting the Heresy of Individualism, 7) De-Americanizing the Gospel, 8) Defeating Divisive Culture Wars, 9) Belonging Before Believing, and 10) Saving This World. He writes with insight and hope for the future of the church, both locally and globally.

This year we’ll be particularly exploring some of these themes in our worship, our missional activities, and our Christian education classes. What is the future for our church and other churches in our area, our country, our world? How can we be faithful to God’s work of renewal? How can we work together to follow Christ in our communities of faith today?

It is a time to be aware of the responsibility and the promise of our future with God. Join the journey to the church’s future as we learn and serve God together.

Pastor Linda Miles

This excerpt is from the February Fisherman Newsletter.
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