Pastor’s Corner February 2020

Traditionally, Ordinary Time is the part of the year when the church is not observing particular Holy Days or the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent. In English the term “ordinary” means something that is not special. Actually, in the church calendar ordinary times makes up most of the church year, 32 or 33 Sundays. It is called “ordinary” not because it is common but because the weeks in ordinary time are numbered. The Latin word, ordinalis, which refers to numbers in series, stems from the Latin word ordo from which we get the English word, “order.”

And so, after Epiphany and the Sunday when we observe the baptism of our Lord, we now enter a season called “Ordinary Time” in the church calendar. It is a season for growth and maturation leading up to Ash
Wednesday. Thus, these numbered weeks of “Ordinary Time” invite us to a time when we live our lives neither in feasting (Christmas and Easter) nor penance (Advent and Lent) but in watchfulness and expectation of what God will do in our lives. “Ordinary Time” is a part of the year when Christ walks among us and transforms our lives. Green is the liturgical color of “Ordinary Time” because green is associated with the growth, including the spread of the gospel and the growth of the church. It is a time for contemplation and maturation until Ash Wednesday when the mystery of Christ is called to penetrate even more.

How will you observe this season of “Ordinary Time”? What is growing in you? How are we to grow as a church in these seasons and in the year ahead of us?

May your prayers this month be deep and blessed as we follow our Savior throughout this season.

Pastor Linda Miles