Pastor’s Corner March 2020

As we enter Lent, it is a good time for examining our relationship with God. Joyce Rupp in her poem, “Lost and Found” (see following page) in the book, Fresh Bread and Other Gifts of Nourishment, asks us to examine what we have lost and how we can recover those things which we value most. The Gospel is full of images of lost treasures being found, a lost son who returns to the arms of a father, the shepherd who finds the lost lamb and the woman who finds a treasure in a field.

The lost things of the gospel are treasures worth seeking. We can discipline ourselves to pray and bring those lost treasures back home to our hearts. But it takes persistence. It takes a yearning for God’s direction and our openness and love of the truth. Lent is a time to look at the Son, Jesus, and see what he held dear and to recognize how he found all of us through his death and resurrection. Decide on a way to find whatever it is that you have lost in your relationship to God during the weeks of Lent. May this be a season when you recover those spiritual values so essential in shaping one’s life on the pattern of the Lord Jesus.

Blessed Lent,
Pastor Linda Miles