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Andrea Mastrianni

April 3, 2019 |

Andrea Mastrianni is the church organist and choir director, and has held this position for over thirty years. She has been a member for about twenty five years. She is a recently retired music teacher, having been employed by the Hudson City School District for over thirty years. Andrea was introduced to the church through Snookie Patterson---a fellow teacher and current church member---who asked her to accept the position of organist in 1987. Andrea accepted the job, even though she was not a church-goer in any sense of the word.

As the organist and choir director, she discovered that she began to appreciate and cherish hearing the wonderful messages delivered by the minister, the fellowship and feeling of acceptance she experienced in the church every week , and the growing feeling that this church was fulfilling a need inside of her.

After a few years she and her two children were baptized and became members of the church. When her two children, Jillian and Andrew, grew to the appropriate age, they attended Sunday School and both went to Camp Fowler.

She has since maintained a very fine choir, joined Bell Choir, transcribed the graves in the church graveyard, joined the Consistory, written some music for church events, and is on the Fellowship, Worship, and History committees.

She was married to Frank Mastrianni in this church in 2004. Frank attends the church regularly and has a daughter from his first marriage, Gina, who lives in Norway. Andrea's two children from a previous marriage, Jillian and Andrew are grown, and Jillian and her husband, Dan, recently became parents to Andrea's first grandchild, Oliver!

Frank and Andrea live with their two cats, Sami and Mitzi. Andrea enjoys researching genealogy, directing and assisting with local theatre groups, playing bridge, playing games with family, knitting for the Church Bazaar Knitting Booth, and accompanying on the piano for local schools.

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