Upcoming Sermons

Sunday April 5, 2019 9:30 am

Fifth Sunday in Lent

The Sacrament of Communion

Scripture passages:

John 12:1-8

“Mary Anoints Jesus”
What led Mary to honor Jesus with expensive perfume?
How did Jesus respond?

Sunday April 14

Palm Sunday Sixth Sunday of Lent

Distribution of Palms

Scripture passages:

John 12:12-18 9:30 am.

“Jesus Enters Jerusalem”
How do we welcome Jesus to our hearts?
How do we welcome Him to our homes?

Thursday April 18 - 7pm in the sanctuary

Mandy Thursday

Tenebrae service- candlelight service remembering the last days of Jesus before the crucifixion based on the gospel of John

Sunday April 28 Second Sunday of Easter

Scripture Passage:

John 20:19-21

“Peace Be With You”
Do you know peace?
How can the peace of Christ live in your heart?
How can you share the peace of Christ with others?

Sunday April 25 Easter Sunday 9:30 am

Scripture Passage:

Luke 24:1-12

Does Jesus live in your heart?
What needs to be resurrected in your life?

Sunday June 2, 2019 Unity

Scripture Passage:

John 17:20-26

Sunday June 9, 2019 Pentecost

Scripture Passage:

Acts 2:1-21

Sunday June 16, 2019 The Trinity

Scripture Passage:

John 16:12-15

Sunday June 23, 2019 What God Has Done For You

Scripture Passage:

Luke 8:26-39

Sunday June 30, 2019 Guest Preaching Elder Martha Andrews

Sunday July 7, 2019 Guest Preacher Rev. Derek DeJager

Sunday July 14, 2019 The Good Samaritan

Scripture Passage:

Luke 10:25-37

Sunday July 21, 2019 Sisters

Scripture Passage:

Luke 10:38-42

Sunday July 28, 2019 Jesus’ Prayer

Scripture Passage:

Luke 11:1-13

Sunday August 4, 2019 Guest Preaching Elder Jan Melichiar-Utter

Sunday August 11, 2019 Guest Preaching Elder Jan Melchiar-Utter

Sunday August 18, 2019 Signs of the Times

Scripture Passage:

Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19, Luke 12:49-56

Sunday August 25, 2019 The Healing on the Sabbath

Scripture Passage:

Luke 13:10-17

Sunday September 01, 2019 Humility and Hospitality

Scripture Passage:

Luke 14:1, 7-14

Sunday September 08, 2019 The Cost of Discipleship

Scripture Passage:

Luke 14:25-33

Sunday September 15, 2019 Guest preacher Rev. Derek DeJager

Sunday September 22, 2019 The Mediator

Scripture Passage:

1 Timothy 2:1-7

Sunday September 29, 2019 The Rich Man and Lazarus

Scripture Passage:

Luke 16:19-31

Sunday October 6, 2019 "Abundant Life" - Worldwide Communion

Scripture Passage:

Psalm 37:1-9, Luke 17:5-10

Sunday October 13, 2019 Your Faith Has Made You Well

Scripture Passage:

Luke 17:11-19

Sunday October 20, 2019 Persistence

Scripture Passage:

Luke 18:1-8

Sunday October 27, 2019 Guest minister Rev. Dr. Alan Jansen – New Brunswick Theological Seminary/General Synod Professor Emeritus

Sunday November 3, 2019 "Restitution/Paying it Forward" All Saints Day Remembrance

Scripture Passage:

Luke 19:1-10

Sunday November 10, 2019 "Questions about the Resurrection"

Scripture Passage:

Luke 20:27-38

Sunday November 17, 2019 "How Not to Live in Fear"

Scripture Passage:

Luke 21:5-19

Sunday November 24, 2019 "Christ the King"

Scripture Passage:

Luke 23:33-43